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This unit of study was created in collaboration with Time Inc. (Time Magazine).    This project, called the Time Inc. Merchandise Project, gave the students an opportunity to come up with their own business idea.  First, the students created their own preliminary sketch of their product, along with a company logo and slogan.  Then the students researched their idea to find out more about their product's competition and wrote a research paper.  In addition, the students generated a survey about their product, and graphed their results from their questionnaires.   After analyzing the results, they then created their own commercials and advertisements in an "Advertising Campaign" for their product.   A final reflection paper completed the assignments.   

Below are a few business ideas the students came up with.  Please have a look and enjoy!



Jeremy D. 803

My business idea is to create a company called "Funny T's" that sells t-shirts with humorous phrases and jokes written out in sentences and symbols.  I was inspired to create this idea when I saw my brother wearing a t-shirt that had a funny picture on it.   I thought to myself, "This would be much cooler if the images were written out in sentence form."   So, I then started thinking about, and writing up, jokes and phrases that could go on a T-shirt.  For example some of the writing would be backwards, some upside down, and some just using symbols that you would see when you text on your phone.  I believe my product would be very successful and the target audience that would buy my product would be teenagers.   They would love these T-shirts and buy many of them, making me a very rich man.   




Orlando 601

My invention is the XT-700 Blackhawk Jet.  This jet can fly up to 500 miles per hour in less than 10 seconds from lift off.  It is equipped with turbo boosters, missiles, a 10,000 bullet machine gun and  full ejection system.  This jet has a 4 person pit and an iron shell.  This jet would be the best in the world and I would make sure it was top of the line.


Chinaza 601

I designed an IPAD because I knew Apple was coming out with a new one.  I did this because I wanted an IPAD that was very different than the ones being produced.  I wanted one that was more personal for me.  This is when I thought to myself then said to my friend, "Why don't I design my own."



Chelsea 804

I was inspired to come up with this idea by watching commercials about the makeup industry.   I then decided to invent my own makeup company that would sell makeup that changes colors.  My company would produce and sell makeup that would change colors every 24 hours.  This would eliminate the need to buy several bottles of different colors of makeup.  This drawing illustrates my company's logo, which is "Beauty Is Key."    This Logo would appear on all the commercials and billboards advertising my product.    I believe that my product would be very successful because many teenagers would be interested in my makeup and buy my product.   Beauty is Key is not only a product, but also a way of life!

Hairol and Brandon 704

We picked a flying car as our business idea because we feel that flying cars will definitely be developed in the near future.  The type of flying car that we want to produce comes with turbo power and many other key features that will set it apart from the rest of the flying cars.  We want it's design to still resemble a car even though it will have the same capabilities as a small airplane.  As business men, we want to help develop a flying car that the people will love and enjoy.  We believe that under the right circumstances, we can start up a company that could be very successful.  At least, this is our dream for now!

Abdoulaye 803

I got my idea for my business project by looking at other clothing styles and realizing that I wanted to design my own style of clothes.  My clothing line would be called FEARLESS and I would market it for teenagers and young adults.   I would personally design the clothes myself and have total artistic control over what is produced.  I believe I have the talent and the desire to make this company happen.  I would start off by creating clothes and wearing them myself. Then if people approach me to inquire where I got them, I would then offer to make them something too. The starting price would be a hundred dollars or more.

Nathalie V. (604)

This is my invention and it is called the Pencil Pop.  It is a pencil and a lollipop combined together.  I made this invention up because you never know when you might get hungry while you are writing and doing your schoolwork.   The product will be easy to operate.  With just a press of a button, the lollipop pops out.  I came up with this idea one day when I was in class and had a lollipop while I was working.  I tried to eat the lollipop, but got caught and had to throw it out.  This is when the idea hit me, to have a pencil and a lollipop all in one.  It is perfect for anybody and it's just a simple touch of a button to transform your pencil into a lollipop.  


Amarachi 601

The product I came up with was actually a business idea called the Mall of Fun.   This mall has many stores and fun things to do in the mall.  The mall contains a music store, phone store, pizza store, supermarket, toy store, chef studio, and a playground for kids.  I think that this mall was a good idea for a business because many people might think it's a fun place to go.  Therefore, I created the Mall of Fun!

Ayleen L (604)
 I developed a business idea called the Beauty Bag. The Beauty Bag is a product that I created to carry your hair and make-up to school.  I made up this invention because sometimes I have to rush to school and I don't get to style my hair the way I want.  Also, girls in middle school or high school might want to have a bit of make-up with them when they start their day.   I know the Beauty Bag could be very successful.

Christopher P. 602

Fight to the Finish is a fighting game worth remembering.  Even though it isn't an actual game yet, I think it would be awesome if I had a company that produced it in the future. Since it has fun favorites from the well known companies like Marvel, DC, Tekken, Mortal Combat, and Capcom, there are a lot of characters to play. So even though this video game is not real yet, I'll make it real someday. If you you love fighting games, then you will love this one!!

Luis M. (804)

My business idea is to sell hats to teenagers, adults, and professional athletes with the company name "Atlantic Ocean."   I was inspired to create this product because I live near the Atlantic Ocean and so do many other potential customers.   I know that many people love the Atlantic Ocean and I think this product would sell very well.    The design is fire, water, and the capital letter A with a hat on top of the A, and a circle that represents the world. I would sell the hats for around $10.00 dollars each and also sell T-shirts and other types of clothes that include the Atlantic Ocean Logo for $20.00.   I think my idea would very successful and make me a very wealthy individual!