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Aris Parent Link

ARIS Parent Link is a website parents can use to monitor their child's academic progress. You can view the same information educators have about your child.

In ARIS Parent Link, you can find:

- Up-to-date academic information about your child, available in 9 languages

- Results and explanations of assessments your child has taken

- Your child's attendance record

- Grades and Transcripts (for middle and high school students)

You can log in to ARIS Parent Link from any computer.
To get started you need:
1. Your child's ID (OSIS #)
2. A Temporary password ( you can get this from your child's school)
3. An email address
4. A computer with internet access

Talk to the Parent Coordinator, Ms. Rhoden for more information
718-342-7563 x207

To go to ARIS Parent Link click HERE